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by Brian James Gage

My horror collection, Anoka, was included in this list with six other books considered to be boundary-pushers. Honored!

Episode 61

I sit down with these three gentleman to talk horror in general, but we also focus in on Indigenous movies, projects, and books. It was fun! 

by Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr.

Ted Van Alst lists all his favorite reads of 2021, and he includes my debut horror collection, Anoka.

by Alison Flood

In this article for The Guardian, Alison Flood quotes Stephen Graham Jones as being excited about my writing future.

by A.C. Wise

Author A.C. Wise analyzes my short story, She's Taken Away, from the horror anthology, Howls From Hell for Apex Magazine.

by Ann-Marie Cahill

Anoka is listed among seven other great horror books authored by Indigenous folks. Thank you, Ann-Marie.

 by Lisa Quigley

For NAHM 2021, Lisa laid out eight works by authors who happen to be Indigenous explorers of the darker genre. She included Anoka and used my book cover as the featured image for her writeup on The Lineup. Very kind of her.

by Andrew Fowlow

Andrew Fowlow interviews me for LitReactor, asking about Indigenous horror, my emerging writing career, and where I'm headed.

by David Weiden

In this listicle of Weiden's readings from the year of 2020, my book, Anoka, gets its first media mention. A big thank you to David as he also allowed me to use what he wrote for my first serious blurb.

Mapping the Interior

I sat down with these three awesome dudes to talk about the Snyder Cut, superheroes, comics, and we had a spoiler-filled discussion on Stephen Graham Jones' Mapping the Interior.

Episode 90

From the YouTube description box: Celebrate our first year with Patrick, Brennan, Cassie, Erica, and special guest Shane Hawk. Shane Hawk is an American author. His latest book is Anoka.

Episode 41

From the Apple Podcasts episode page: Shane and I talk about indigenous horror, splatter westerns, and big news regarding two anthologies he's putting together. In the second half of the episode, we have a spoiler-full discussion about "Imitate," a short story from his collection Anoka. I give a warning in advance, and the rest of the collection is unspoiled.

with Ross Jeffery, Kev Harrison, and T.C. Parker

From the YouTube description box: We discuss all things writing and 'Anoka' with Shane Hawk.

by Andrew Fowlow

Horror reviewer, Andrew Fowlow, reviews Anoka in depth.

by Erica Robyn

Book reviewer, Erica Robyn, interviews me about my success with self-publishing.

Hosted by Dani and Erin

During this Instagram Live Q&A, I answered a stream of questions alongside playwright and badass writer Vera Starbard. It was a great time!

by J.A. Sullivan

J.A. Sullivan reviews my book Anoka for horror review site Kendall Reviews.

by numerous NW reviewers

Eight different book reviewers come together to form a mega-Night-Worms review of Anoka.

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