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NWAN Content Warnings

This page will serve as a resource for any reader who wishes to view per-story content warnings for Never Whistle at Night: An Indigenous Dark Fiction Anthology. I tried my best to be wide-reaching with these while avoiding going into spoiler territory. Feel free to email me with any suggestions using the contact button above.


Blood, death, gore, racism, use of firearm, vomiting

White Hills

Alcohol, blood, forced miscarriage (implied), racism, vomiting

Navajos Don't Wear Elk Teeth

Blood, death, LGBTQIA2S+ hate crimes (brief mention), sex, toxic relationship


Blood, child abuse, death of animal, vomiting (off-page)


Alcohol, blood, child neglect, theme of blood quantum


Alcohol, drugs

Tick Talk

Blood, bugs, graphic injury, loss of parents

The Ones Who Killed Us

Alcohol, death, theme of MMIWG2S, vomiting (brief)

Snakes Are Born In The Dark

Blood, body horror, death of animal, gore, graphic injuries, racism, vomiting

Before I Go

Alcoholism (mentioned), blood, body horror, loss of parent, loss of partner

Night In The Chrysalis

Blood, bugs, depression (implied), miscarriage (brief mention)

Behind Colin's Eyes

Blood, bugs, gore, death of animal(s), Indian boarding schools topic (brief mention), use of firearm, vomiting - [the dog lives!]

Heart-Shaped Clock

Addiction, alcohol, blood, death, domestic abuse (brief mention), drug use, suicial ideation (brief mention), vomiting

Scariest Story. Ever.

Blood, death of animal (graphic)

Human Eaters

Gore (brief), theme of Indian boarding schools

The Longest Street In The World

Alcohol, assault (mentioned), disembodiment, use of firearm

Dead Owls

Blood, racism

The Prepper

Addiction (drugs), blood, death, loss of a parent, self-harm (brief mention), theme of mental illness, use of firearm

Uncle Robert Rides The Lightning

Alcohol, death, divorce (brief mention), suicidal ideation (brief mention)


Alcohol, assault (graphic), death, loss of partner, pedophilia, PTSD, rape scene (graphic), suicide (brief mention), theme of Indian boarding schools, use of firearm, vehicular accident (brief mention), 

Eulogy Of A Brother, Resurrected

Blood, death, gun violence (mentioned), LGBTQIA2S+ hate crimes (brief mention), loss of a sibling

Night Moves

Alcohol, blood, death, loss of sibling (brief mention), racism, vomiting


Alcohol, racism

The Scientist's Horror Story



Death, theme of human hunting


Alcohol, blood, death, disembodiment, racism

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