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Shane Hawk is a writer, editor, and high school teacher. His writing career began just before Halloween 2020 with the release of Anoka: A Collection of Indigenous Horror. A few months later, he signed a contract for literary representation with Rachel Letofsky of CookeMcDermid. He still resides in San Diego after being born and raised there with his awesome brother and two stepsisters. He’s a 90s kid. Grew up with all the Goosebumps and horror anthology shows he could handle. “Life is too short” is always in the back of his mind. After spending a decade or so depressed, he’s nothing but optimistic and excited for what’s to come. Outside of the fiction world, he really digs lifting weights, traveling, referencing one-liners from his favorite movies and shows, cooking, and exploring his other creative outlets, such as songwriting, playing guitar, and singing.


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Shane Hawk debuted with his Indigenous horror collection, Anoka, in October 2020 via his Black Hills Press imprint, signing with a literary agent shortly afterward. His Arapaho story, The Night Woman, will appear in Native Reality Press’ A Howl in late 2021. Hawk’s next endeavor will be co-editing Never Whistle At Night—an Indigenous dark fiction anthology out in 2023 from Penguin Random House. He lives in San Diego, California with his beautiful fiancée. Learn more about him by visiting shanehawk.com.

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Episode 41

From the Apple Podcasts episode page: Shane and I talk about indigenous horror, splatter westerns, and big news regarding two anthologies he's putting together. In the second half of the episode, we have a spoiler-full discussion about "Imitate," a short story from his collection Anoka. I give a warning in advance, and the rest of the collection is unspoiled.

Episode 90

From the YouTube description box: Celebrate our first year with Patrick, Brennan, Cassie, Erica, and special guest Shane Hawk. Shane Hawk is an American author. His latest book is Anoka.

with Ross Jeffery, Kev Harrison, and T.C. Parker

From the YouTube description box: We discuss all things writing and 'Anoka' with Shane Hawk.

by Andrew Fowlow

Horror reviewer, Andrew Fowlow, reviews Anoka in depth.

by Erica Robyn

Book reviewer, Erica Robyn, interviews me about my success with self-publishing.

LitReactor Interview by Andrew Fowlow

Andrew Fowlow interviews me for LitReactor, asking about Indigenous horror, my emerging writing career, and where I'm headed.

by A.C. Wise

Author A.C. Wise analyzes my short story, She's Taken Away, from the horror anthology, Howls From Hell for Apex Magazine.

by David Weiden

In this listicle of Weiden's readings from the year of 2020, my book, Anoka, gets its first media mention. A big thank you to David as he also allowed me to use what he wrote for my first serious blurb.

Hosted by Dani and Erin

During this Instagram Live Q&A, I answered a stream of questions alongside playwright and badass writer Vera Starbard. It was a great time!